Designing with you


To begin, we measure out your space. Then after a visit to our showroom and with your input, we proceed to planning the best options for a beautiful functional solution.

Visit our showroom and choose a style

From hi-tech-minimalist to cosy & homely, choose a style that will suit your taste. Our showroom has been carefully put together for you to see first-hand what is possible in several applications. Pick out your favourite category and we’ll help you get the ball rolling with your new design.

* Note: When choosing granite, it’s advisable to visit the supplier and select your colour based on a large slab. Then you book your own slab before it is cut according to your plans. However this does not apply to Ceaserstone because the colour is consistent throughout.


Costing and final approval

Once we have finalised your plan, and costed out all your finishes it’s time to sign off, pay your deposit and proceed to production. Click here to find out more arrow

Selecting finishes

Depending on your budget and your specific preferences, we can advise you on the best finish options to suit your style. Below gives a taste of just a few of the many swatch finishes that are available for viewing at our showroom.