Production & installation

In-house factory

Our production warehouse is right next door to our showroom, giving us the ability to keep a close watch on the progress of your project.

“Cut & Edge” collection for D.I.Y.

We can create all the bits and pieces so you can have the option to assemble and install your own units. If you have your own installation team this is by far the most cost effective solution.

Cut_and_edge_being_loaded_onto_cargo_planeExport into Africa

We have supplied various African countries with an international standard of “Cut & Edge” solutions for over a decade.

With our experience and expertise in specialised exports, you can feel re-assured that your customised shipment will arrive safe and sound at your preferred international destination, ready for assembly and installation.


Local delivery and installation

Our Installation teams personally deliver to your site, Nationwide and are all trained to install at the highest standard.

At M&R Kitchens you get the full service, from Initial design and planning to final installation.

Quality Control

We make sure that everything from raw materials to finished products meets quality and safety standards specified in the purchasing documentation.
All production processes, whether large or small, require elements of quality control and all inspection and testing is carried out to specified requirements that have been agreed between the purchaser and the supplier.

The production line

Well trained experienced staff, and regularly serviced state-of-the-art machinery is the key to an efficient production line.